th!nkNadon :: bringing focus to creative chaos ::

"The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art"
- John Lasseter

Welcome to th!nkNadon.. the monicker for all my creative pursuits and home for art, people, and creations that inspire me. I've been on this earth long enough to discover that creativity and the desire to create and leave a mark is something that is common in most people I've met. Sometimes I meet those who know how to focus their talent and create things that make the world a better place. Sometimes there are those who don't know or understand how to let their inner expression free, I hope that this site will exist to inspire and show that everyone is talented, everyone is creative, everyone is worthy of having their expression appreciated and enjoyed! You can do anything you can dream, but if all you ever create is only the thought, then you'll be the only one to enjoy its beauty.

Current Projects

I'm back in the Winsdor, Ontario area now, back to my hometown. The move from Alberta went as well as it could have although it was far from easy. I am setting up photo shoots around Windsor and Essex County to add to a new book project that I'm working on called "Rediscovering Home". The book will be a glimpse into the emotion and experiences of coming back to your hometown after being gone for almost 13 years. I'm going to try and highlight all the great things about my border town and reflect on some of the changes that are being made as well as understanding how I can get involved to help shape the city's future. Sign up below to keep in touch and follow my progress.